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Thread: NJ beach houses?

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    Red face NJ beach houses?

    I'm completely new to renting and everything, but I've always wanted a beach house for like a week or two ever summer. I missed my chance this summer, but I've begun looking for next summer.

    Anybody have any insight to share? Like I said, I've never rented before, so any tips or info you might have would be great.

    Also, anybody use for their shore rental? I've been seeing this sight listed in a bunch of places, and I'm curious about how well it works.

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    Here is a link to rentals at the Jersey Shore.

    You can put in the information you want and it will generate properties that fit your criteria.

    I know that the Asbury Park Press has rental listings and they are not just indigenous to Asbury Park. We are actually looking for a seasonal winter rental at the shore right now. They are cheap and we can save some money to buy!!

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