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Thread: Best New Jersey paper FOR New Jersey

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    Default Best New Jersey paper FOR New Jersey

    I was wondering what people's thoughts were on the best New Jersey paper that carries New Jersey news. The Star Ledger seemed to be good before, but I'm seriously thinking about canceling my subscription now. The so-called New Jersey section - is one page - the rest is editorials on national affairs. Most of the sports and editorials are written from the NY point of view. The Star Ledger in my opninion is no longer a New Jersey news paper. I just picked up "The Record". It does cover a lot more New Jersey news in there. Maybe the Home News would be the way to go again. I really wish there was ONE paper that covered New JERSEY news from north to south and really concentrated on what was going on with Trenton. So far I haven't found that paper.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
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    Smile best newspaper

    Why, the best New Jersey paper is The Burlington Times ofcourse. It makes for interesting reading and is complete. It also lets you know what events are taking place where and when so you don't miss anything. I always take the paper out to the patio and read it with a cup of coffee. It often determines what fun thing we will do that day. It does not miss much in the way of local news. Marianita

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