Do you deliver newspapers? We have a weekend sign installation position.

The position has not been filled yet, but we hope to very soon.

Our company place signs between Friday nights 6pm to Saturday AM 9AM for builders or apartments weekend (Saturday and Sunday) Open Houses.
We then take the signs down Sunday after 530pm.

You can learn more about Penn Jersey Signs weekend directional signs at any of the following links:

Please check out the above links so you understand our business.

We will have one route available at the moment, it is in the Brigatine / Stafford area.

The Route will be 34 signs, paying $68 weekly. Should be about 2.5 hours work, 1.5 to put out 1 hour to pick up.

Please answer the following questions and we will get back to you shortly.

1 Do you have valid driver's license?

2 Are you 18 or older?

3 Do you have a reliable vehicle and if yes what type?

4 Do you have a cell phone? What is number?

5 Can you safely store signs during the week? Where?

6 Can you hammer stakes into the ground if ground is frozen, or do you have a portable hand drill?

7 Do you have a very good or excellent sense of direction?
Can you read a map? The signs must point the right way!

8 Are you available to do this for the next 52 weeks or more? If not can you get someone to cover when you are away?

If you answered no to any of the above questions you may not be eligible and this probably is not the right job for you.

The below questions help us get to know you.

9 Have you ever delivered newspapers, installed signs, done any other similar jobs? If yes for whom?

10 What municipality/zip code do you live in?

11 How long have you lived there?

12 What else do you do?

13 Do you understand you will be an independent contractor, and hence responsible for your own taxes, insurance, etc?

14 Any other questions or comments?

15 Would you be interested in more routes later?

Thanks, please do not call us as we will be making decision off of written replies only.

You can learn more about Penn Jersey Signs weekend directional signs at any of the following links:

We wish you the best!