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what are the top threads here?

at my home forum, Penn Jersey, here are some of them:

Glow BULL WAR ming
363 replies 1720+ views

Anybodyelse here escape from or
221 replies 5000+ views

john paff the lawsuit man
158 replies 1200+ views

Who Is Your God?
99 replies 815+ views censorship
100 replies 2600 views

Who should be responsible for bedbugs, landlord or tenant?
10 replies 1000 views

olive garden deadly spider bites
5 replies 1255 views

Blonde JOKES!!! care of Jay Leno and Penn Jersey Forum members
36 replies 1138 views

28 replies 1886 views

$20,000 New Jersey House Real Estate Classified large farmhouse
4 replies 831 views

Very sad: Flu Shot side effects on Washington Redskin cheerleader youtube
15 replies 1329 views

Suggestions, Pictures and images from Seattle Washington Treehugger Vacations
26 replies 2147 views

and last but not least,
Caylee Anthony story / Casey Anthony pictures / images /story line
48 replies and over 10,000 views

interesting how bad news beats threads of good news, spirituality, or even jokes.