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Thread: Plunderen met de Pirates of the Burning Sea (PC)

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    Default Plunderen met de Pirates of the Burning Sea (PC)

    We are dealing here with a very varied game with role-playing, which is set in a unique and complex world. The game has great potential and some scenes to get to no other game in this genre at first, but unfortunately the game is unable to make the player to act fully on it.

    Against the background of the 18th century, you have the possibility of you to join Spain, France, England or Pirate to be. If you choose the latter, you can never be more than that, but if you choose to you a country to join, you can also play the role of a naval officer, a filibuster or a dealer. However, it is not true that if you pirate will play no role during the fighting.

    You can enjoy long with Pirates of the Burning Sea with numerous quests and adventure travel through dangerous waters. During your trip you can learn different skills, such as screens and street fighting.

    The game suffers from technical problems, such as image delay while just sitting in the middle of a quest, and the graphics, a number of failures that adversely affects the visual style of the game. But the game has a special feature that you can create your own map which is then stored in the memory of the game is saved.

    The game is the whole fun, but the presentation would be a bit more exciting may be what the game would make something attractive. Not all sounds are very special, but the music is at times a joy to listen to. It takes a while before you play the knee gets, but it is nevertheless a fascinating pastime.

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    Default Plunderen met de Pirates of the Burning Sea PC

    Pirates of the Caribbean is a gimmick game. It makes money off the movie. Pirates Of The Burning Sea is a real game.

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