Fate: Undiscovered Realms for the most part a repetition of the popular RPG game "Fate" that in 2005 the market. It introduces a few new levels and the option to restart the game if you die. Other than that there is little difference with the previously released game.

You start with the construction of a character after a long time to his village again. He is suddenly thrown into two alternate dimensions where the poor machinations of fate that has to stop. The development of the characters remained the same and you can only award points to the different properties and magic spells. You always come at a higher level while the monsters and other characters fight. You can also take a pet that helps you in battles. Although most of the adventures and the people from the village have remained the same, you can add a few more levels for more adventure. The quests are fairly standard, where you from one level to another and jump between the Lot to quickly try to be. Here comes the new option in the game only. The previous version was the death that a part of your fortune lost and a new level was started. In Undiscovered Realms but you stay dead when you die. The difficulty is increased, but unfortunately the game in more repetitions.

The images and sound effects are not much changed, but remain strong. The game adds very little to the old version, but is attractive as the first game you have not already.