In this fantasy role-playing is the humor well represented and even a paradie the humor in this genre games is often used. But this disguise, there is quite a bit to be stolen from countless other games.

The usual RPG quest is again present, but a solid storyline missing. There is enough simple humor, but this works over time rather on your nerves. Your only objective is to maintain the animals in every possible way to kill. You can play as a team to play with other online players.

The most valuable part of the game is played by the blind each gnome all the gold that the samples are left to collect and add to your score. And since the interface is slow, this brownie is very important to your survival! You, the animals with the help of your mouse and hold or click multiple times for them to do.

In this game you are not assigned to a specific group of fighters, foresters or magicians, but you are free to change group during the course of the game. Lapses in the game awful if you ever repeat the same dungeons in search of the samples that you always have to kill.

Dungeon Runners is very similar to World of Warcraft, with similar colors, structure and design. The sound effects are eccentric and the music can sometimes be entertaining. The battles are not very exciting and powerful magic spells have no effect.