Okay here is my question: How many more years before more and more people start living on Long Beach Island year round?? I see Rt 72 is getting built up more and more each year. More stores are staying open year round as well as the surrounding main land area off Rt 72 is being developed. New homes are being built at a fast pace and more and more people from Northern NJ are settling in South Jersey (at least the ones that don't more to Florida).

I realize that its always been a vacation area, but look at other parts of the country. Anywhere on the coast of California, people would just kill to live close to the ocean, live on an island or have ocean views. Florida, Carolinas.....same thing. Does anyone forsee that places like Long Beach Island could become highly populated with year round living? Every place has its downsides, like Florida's hurricane season or California's earthquakes, fires, smog, etc. NJ really doesn't get effected too bad by extreme weather. It might not be as sunny and warm as FL or CA, but the weather is certainly more predictable.

I'm just curious on what opinions people have about how many more years before places like LBI become more acceptable year round living????