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Thread: George Washington Bridge

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    Default George Washington Bridge

    I was reading an article about a new book that came out, "The George Washington Bridge: Poetry in Steel" (Rutgers University Press, $22.95). It reminded me how majestic that bridge really is.

    Let the poets and philosophers wax poetic on the Brooklyn Bridge -- but it is the George Washington Bridge that is an engineering marvel. I think I also read that it is the most widely used bridge in the country (world too, maybe?).

    And what I like most about it is that it is in New Jersey, just as much as it is in New York.

    I don't think the bridge gets enough play. For instance, like I previously mentioned, the Brooklyn Bridge is the one that usually gets all the articles/books/photos/et al. But I am interested in finding artwork on the GWB.

    I've looked all over in gift shops in Fort Lee, Edgewater and other towns close to the GWB, and all of them sell practically NOTHING related to the GWB. I couldn't even find a T-shirt or postcard!

    Does anyone know a store or gift shop that sells GWB related merchandise?

    And does anyone have any stories or experiences related to the GWB that they would like to share ?
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    Default George Washington Bridge

    Does anyone have recommendations for getting on the George Washington Bridge from the west side bike path? Im not sure if its best to bike all the way to the bridge base and then go up to the entrance, or if I should get off the bike path earlier and use the regular streets.

    I have street maps; Im just looking for advice on whats best/easiest. Also, if I go up from the bike path, are there a lot of stairs? I have a lower back issue and Im avoiding carrying the bike when I can.



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