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Thread: Off Shore Wind Power at the Jersey Shore

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    Default Off Shore Wind Power at the Jersey Shore

    So this is something that I am on the fence about right now. It is being proposed to put wind farm off the coast of New Jersey. Some people argue that it will affect tourism - since it will "ruin" the great uninterrupted views of the ocean. I'm not sure if it will affect tourism and may actually increase tourism - since so many people are into the "green" movement and may give good press to New Jersey and counteract that negative erroneous stereotype that New Jersey is polluted. As for the affect on the view - it will destroy that. Will people just get used to it though? (just ti be clear - the turbines will be several miles off the coast and will look tiny from the beach)

    One problem I do have - how much does it actually save in energy and how clean is it really? Yeah the end result is clean - but does it cause more pollution with the manufacturing and installation of the wind turbines. They have to go out with ships and install the turbines. How long does it take for the turbines to combat that and does it outweigh the amount of pollution caused by gas, oil or coal plants. Don't forget too - in order to service the turbines - they need to take ships out there.
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    I think its not that cleaner and that the wind turbines are very hard and expensive to maintain. The people pushing it are people who have already invested a lot in the production of these turbines and stand to make a lot of money if they are mandated. I think we need to give nuclear a better look - there are European countries that use it very efficiently and safely - the one thing they do right is the one thing we don't want to copy from them.
    Okay maybe they do a few other things right.....

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