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Thread: New Jersey - the Brithplace of Hollywood

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    Default New Jersey - the Brithplace of Hollywood

    I felt it was time to start a thread on this. Not only was New Jersey the birthplace of the motion picture camera, but it was also the birthplace of Hollywood. Hollywood got it's start right here in New Jersey, where many of the big mega studios were founded. If it wasn't for Edison wanting to control what the movie industry could and couldn't film, today most likely the movie industry would still be headquartered in New Jersey. Sadly, in addition to being a great inventor, Edison was also a control freak and so - to avoid Edison's demands, the movie companies fled to California where they could produce and film what they liked and had artisic freedom. Today NJ is still one of the top five movie producing states in the nation though and more and more films are being produced here.
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    It is good to see that you noted this fact thanks JD.

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    Also helped that they could shoot outdoors in almost any month of the year, for the light, in Southern California.

    My grandfather was an extra in Edison's version of "The Great Train Robbery" - threw a fake brick at someone, I believe. Great-grandfather worked for Edison.

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