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    Question Wildlife resorts

    Kerala Luxury Hotels sometimes referred to as an exclusive Kerala resort, is a very expensive vacation facility which is fully staffed and has been rated with five stars. Luxury resorts often boast many visitor activities and attractions such as golf, water sports, spa and beauty facilities, skiing, natural ecology and tranquility. Because of the extent of amenities offered, a luxury resort is also considered a destination resort. However, according to Kannampilly, resorts catering to travellers who visit a place with a purpose of contributing to that society have yet to make a mark. These are long staying repeat guests who come periodically, probably for a few years to check on the progress of the project they have undertaken.

    The local tour leaders those are born in the country and are working can add unique insights into the local culture. These tour leaders form a core part of our Responsible Travel policy. We ensure that our local tour leaders are treated and paid equally to our western tour leaders. Many people become tour leaders to fulfill their own travel desires and it is a key part of the tour leader recruitment policy that we offer all the leaders the opportunity to work in a variety of destinations. Wildlife resorts and jungle lodges also show huge potential. Kerala have about 80 national parks, 441 sanctuaries and 15 Project Tiger reserves, this segment has not been tapped to its potential. According to Shoeb Kader, partner at Indian Adventures Wildlife Resorts, a wildlife resort chain based in Mumbai, the reason for this could be that most sanctuaries and parks are off the main tourist circuit. These are highly seasonal business parks and sanctuaries which will open only from October to June. Considering these parks should be kept open throughout the year. Government needs to create infrastructure, access roads, provide tax incentives and publicity for wildlife destinations.

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    Beaches in Kerala
    Kerala has some of the most pristine and stunning beaches anywhere in India. While most of the popular beaches are located in the south in regions like Kovalam & Varkala there are yet undiscovered beach locations as you travel north up the coast. This includes the beautiful Marari, the Cheari beach close to Cochin and the breathtaking Muzhipilangad beach in the north, Kerala’s only drive-in beach.

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