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    I think that travelling is one of the most fun things to do! Getting to know the other culture, try the food and hear the other language. I especially enjoy it when I'm visiting a country with a warm climate. With good weather it's always much better to explore cities. My favourite country to travel through is Italy. It's nice, beautiful and most of the time the weather is incredible. Ever been to Venice? Not only visiting Venice is great, but staying in hotels in Venice is sometimes an adventure itself. This also counts for Valencia.

    Some hoteles Valencia are amazing. It's a beautiful and lively city and has lots of places to visit! My second favourite country is totally different. England and than especially London! It's huge city with way too much to explore. It's a bit too expensive to stay in a hotel for a longer period, but the London hostels are really cosy and cheap at the same time!

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    I'm going to travel to EUROPE this summer. So thanks very much for your useful information.

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