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Thread: Travel Studies in Thailand

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    Default Travel Studies in Thailand

    My mum was talking about going abroad to me last week. She said that she thought it was a great idea for me to explore other countries and build up some experience. She heard someone talking about one of those 'sprachreisen' or something and couldn't resist finding more information about it on the internet. After I said that it was maybe an opportunity to learn another language at the same time we searched together and found loads of information about going abroad for a longer period. My mum really convinced me about the whole thing and I'm probably going to do volunteerwork in Thailand next year next to my German classes!

    Anyone ever been to Thailand? I want stories!

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    Thailand is a very safe country, many expats living in Thailand claim that they feel safer in Thailand than they ever could if living in the US or large European cities. While this may be true, there is always a rotten apple in the barrel so certain precautions should be taken.

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