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Thread: Toll Roads sending me unjust fines!

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    Default Toll Roads sending me unjust fines!

    I was going to visit a friend in NJ. On day 1 I made a round trip to and from his home. On day 2 I left his home. And each time I went to a booth with a person and paid the toll.

    Couple of weeks later I get violations notices in my mail for $75! It alleges I went through the EZ pass lane each time. My friend was with me in the car 2 out of these 3 times and he saw me pay the man at the booth.

    I disputed them but apparently to no avail.

    Is this audacity passable? They said if I donít pay them it will go to the collections agency.

    Is there any recourse I can take?

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    This happened to us on a visit to New Jersey two years ago. They'd changed everything around since I lived there and made it very confusing. However, the charge was only the amount of the toll plus a small fee (I think around $2-3) for each violation. Since the payment of each toll at a booth covers only a small stretch of road, it is possible to pay the toll at the booth and still accidentally get into an EZ Pass lane and incur the extra charge. If you were driving a rental car, most of the "fine" you have is probably being charged by the rental car company, not the state of New Jersey.

    I wish they had marked the lanes more clearly, because at 65 mph, who has time to figure them out!

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