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Thread: I'm back in New Jersey again!!!

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    Default I'm back in New Jersey again!!!

    I just moved back to New Jersey, this time hopefully for good! Its good to be home again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewarkDevil5 View Post
    I just moved back to New Jersey, this time hopefully for good! Its good to be home again.
    Welcome home!!! Nothing is like New Jersey. So where did you move to? Are you in Newark again?
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    No, I'm living in Perth Amboy, which mind you has done some major changes for the better! Overall, though its just good to be back. I'll get back up to Newark eventually, but at the moment my work is in Central Jersey.

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    Default I'm back in NJ too!

    Moved to Passaic County (up in the mountains) during the summer and work in Bergen County now. This is a whole different place. I lived outside Philly the past 6 years. I spent most of my life at NJ's waist (Colonia - just south of Rahway, then in and around Princeton).
    I feel like a fish out of water. This part of NJ is very different. Not feeling quite at home.
    It's a bit isolated up in the mountains. I can't get birds at the bird feeder regularly and the woods seem too desolate. It's rare to hear or see birds in the woods - I thought there'd be a lot.
    When I deal with Bergen county it is too crowded and crazy.
    Feels like I am dealing with extremes.

    Back home in New Jersey after some years across the river in Pennsy

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