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Thread: Keep OUR Beaches Clean!!

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    Default Keep OUR Beaches Clean!!

    I just posted an article on the new Blog dealing with people leaving trash on our beaches. People can read it here - Keep Our Beaches Clean

    I wanted to know what people's experience is with our beaches and people littering. It can be really gross at times. Of course it's always much worse during certain times such as 4th of July weekend or as is the case this weekend - prom time.

    I always say it - KEEP OUR BEACHED CLEAN!!!!
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    You would think that by now, people would have learnt to pick up after themselves. But sadly though, there are many of us who have not yet picked up this one essential habit. If only they learnt the value of cleanliness, then the world, especially the beaches would be a whole lot cleaner, to say the least.

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