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Thread: Garden State Parkway Speed Trap

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    Default Garden State Parkway speed trap

    Hi NJ Barb. Can you imagine people trying to get to work in the mornings and it takes forever what with those toll booths and all? I was not aware that the tolls were raised and I imagine Gov Corzine had much to do that as all he knows how to do is raise taxes. lol. It may be time for another ''when pigs fly'' at the courthouse. Marianita

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    Default Diabolical Speed Trap of Doom!

    Hey there JerseyDevil,

    I completely agree that the lowering of the speed limit is to trap people forgetting about the drop whilst they go along their merry way. I have seen many people fall prey to this trap! I live on the shore and drive the parkway practically and I do have to say that I disagree with Marianita with the comment

    "The others who do not have it may just be visiting for a day, maybe a trip to AC or something."

    As I said I live in Jersey and I loathe E-Z Pass, I refuse to use it and never will. The potential for abuse and misuse is astronomical. I do agree that the toll plazas are amazingly congested and dangerous. One of the most frustrating things I have seen is putting and E-Z Pass lane in the middle of the plaza. There is no call for this. All the lanes are equipped with passive E-Z Pass readers so even if you do not have exact change you can still be charged. Also there are the HUGE high speed E-Z Pass lanes, I mean if you can't aim your car through one of those gate, you shouldn't be driving. Also the lanes of the plaza changing literally over night gets a bit old after a while. And why does E-Z Pass get all the right lanes to themselves. Have you ever tried to get onto the express side of the parkway after using exact change? Its like a damn kamikaze run!! If you are not killed by the other drivers you are pretty much pushed into the median because people will not let you in!! Anywho I'm just venting here. I agree its the Bennies making the roads dangerous, not the speed its self. You can go as fast as needed, as long as you know how to drive at that speed, its the people who weave and do really idiotic things that make the road dangerous. I mean I've driven the Autobahn, in some places there is a speed limit because of the congestion and human presence, but in the places where there is no marked speed limit people mostly go around 80-85 mph and cause less accidents. In my two weeks in Germany I saw less accidents on the Autobahn than on the parkway in one day. So yes venting again sorry. But I do deeply agree, make the tolls disappear and 85% of the problem will disappear!!

    Have a great day guys/gals!!

    ~Shore Rat

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