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Thread: ABC offering TV shows Online

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    Default ABC offering TV shows Online

    Okay - it's about time a TV network did this - offering tv shows online fro FREE with commercials. I personally have no problem with watching video with commercials - I will not pay to watch tv shows however. When you think about it, constantly having to pay for everything adds up after a while. CNN used to require you to pay to watch their video, ABCNews requires it, paying for all these various things can add up to hundreds and thousands of dollars a year, but if they include commercials, then I'm not the one paying for them. If the commercials are good, I also have no problem watching the commercials. I think this is a great idea and a long time in coming. What do others think?

    For those who want to check this out - go to the ABC Online Streaming TV Shows
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    Default Wonderful Idea

    I totally agree. There is a certain show I like to watch and have not had the time to watch it recently. I just found out that they are now replaying it for free every week on the website. There are commercials but they do not last any longer then 30 seconds a piece (can you say the same for cable?!) and I have a whole week to catch up with it.. Here is the problem....cable companies would eventually become obsolete if everyone started doing this. There are so many pros for the consumer but way to many cons for the various people who make their money off of millions of people paying.Be it for cable fees or companies paying massive amounts of money for on air commercial time.

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