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The Rise of MetroNewark
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Thread: The Rise of MetroNewark

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    Default The Rise of MetroNewark

    Several projects are going up in the general area of downtown Newark. The Prudential Center of course everyone is aware of, but then there's a few projects in Harrison including the new Red Bull Park, but there is much more than just that. It all goes toward building an area that is replete with jobs, entertainment, and residences, a true downtown area for New Jersey's greatest city.

    Prudential Center

    As the Prudential Center rides the last few months towards completion, across the river, two projects improve the view and value of Newark's downtown skyscrapers.

    Harrison Commons

    Harrison MetroCenter

    Minish Park has been underway for a few years now.

    A drawing off of one of the City's Planning releases of what the downtown area around Minish Park will hopefully look like with new developments:
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    I am very happy with the progress being made in Newark - something so many people have stated would never happen. I also love the redevelopment going on across the river in Harrison - I just resent that that the team you mentioned has the nerve to call themselves "New York" while taking $85 million from New Jersey to build their stadium and when they don't play nor represent NY. It's also funny - that team doesn't get any real notice from the NY media at all. I only heard them mentioned once on channel 7, while News 12 NJ covers them in depth. AboutNewJersey.com will not cover the pseudo NY teams. We will support the indoor soccer team - the New JERSEY Ironmen which will play in the Prudential Center. Some may think that they're not as "big" or "important" as an MLS team, but AboutNewJersey.com isn't about big names - its About New Jersey.

    Now that I went on that rant, I'll say that I see many positive things coming out of Cory Booker. He seems to be making tough decisions that need to be made to turn Newark around and many of which should be made at the state level - but no one seems to have the guts. I just don't want Newark - the 3rd oldest city in America - to be considered a suburb of New York.
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    Good post and great photos.

    I was not aware of all the construction that is going on in Newark. I was only aware of the work being done on State Route 21 which will improve the traffic situation in Newark.

    Will the light rail connect to Newark Penn Station?

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    The light rail is actually already completed and runs from the bottom of the steps at Broad Street Train Station to the Newark City Subway terminus at under Penn Station. Here's the downtown portion of the Newark Light Rail map from NJTransit:

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