I came up with this thread while watching C-SPAN. I usually watch C-SPAN when there is anything important happening, such as confirmation hearings, etc, because then I get the TRUE story and not the filtered down media version. It struck me that I see the same people over and over on the news - and it disturbs me that NONE of those congressmen seem to be from NJ. Makes me wonder if our representatives actually do anything there or not. Some are obviously just all about furthering their political career - Corzine quit the Senate to become NJ governor, and most people, including people in the NJ government, feel that Corzine is going to run for president (which if he won, he woudl have to leave the governorship). I decided to check out some things on Vote-Smart.org

So do people really know what the NJ politicians are doing in Washington?

Senior Senator
Frank R. Lautenberg Democrat

Junior Senator
Robert Menendez Democrat

1 Representative
Robert E. 'Rob' Andrews Democrat

2 Representative
Frank A. LoBiondo Republican

3 Representative
H. James 'Jim' Saxton Republican

4 Representative
Christopher H. 'Chris' Smith Republican

5 Representative
E. Scott Garrett Republican

6 Representative
Frank J. Pallone Democrat

7 Representative
Michael 'Mike' Ferguson Republican

8 Representative
William J. 'Bill' Pascrell Democrat

9 Representative
Steven R. Rothman Democrat

10 Representative
Donald M. Payne Democrat

11 Representative
Rodney P. Frelinghuysen Republican

12 Representative
Rush D. Holt Democrat

NOTE: District 13 is going unrepresented in the US Congress because Menendez has taken Corzine's place and Corzine currently has no plans to either replace him or to have an election.