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Thread: CORZINE TAXES!!!!!!!

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    I feel that the people of New Jersey should have a say on where the money goes and how it is to be used. I believe it is 1 million dollars a day being lost on lottery tickets.So people are going to Philly to purchase them. Increasing taxes is not really the answer but less spending might. The money is sure going somewhere.

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    Default Corzine taxes

    Hi webkid 90. Corzine has always been good at taxing everything he could think of making it difficult for people to pay. Ofcourse if the lottery tickets are not being purchased in New Jersey they will lose a whole lot of money.
    It is wrong to cut funding for colleges because college students represent our future generation. It does not help that people are losing their homes or moving away.
    I am wondering if Corzine got around to raising the toll fees. That ''when pigs fly'' rally did help for a time. I wish I had been there.
    At any rate Corzine just does not know what to do now that things are out of control. But some of the things he has wanted to tax have been ridiculous. An example of this is when he once said that there would be no one to clean up the road kill. That was to be one of his cuts. New Jersey is the most beautiful state there is and road kill would not enhance it's beauty. Lord help us all.
    At any rate when enough people move away from NJ maybe he will realize the errors of his ways. Marianita

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marianita View Post
    Hi webkid 90. Corzine has always been good at taxing everything he could think of making it difficult for people to pay.
    Our legislature is more of the problem. A governor only has two terms max to screw up New Jersey - our legislature has been doing it for decades. Unless people take a sweeping reform of the New Jersey government - NJ will never see the light of day and we wil be in the same situation as that other "liberal stronghold" California. Most of you may have heard, after years and years of liberal and nanny state policies in California - the state is now bankrupt. it's the direction that liberals in New Jersey have taken our state and it is now the direction that Obama is taking the nation. I hope New Jerseyans will finally wake up and say no more 2.75 billion dollar tunnels to New York, no more unlimited pensions to state workers, no more increasing the government payroll and claiming that so many jobs are being created in this state. We need businesses moving into our cities, we need PRIVATE employment - not state employment. Until this changes - New Jersey will never get anywhere.
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