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  • "I'm from New Jersey"

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  • "New Jersey My Home"

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  • "In New Jersey"

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  • None of the above

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  • New Jersey doesn't need a state song

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  • Late entry - "Be proud to be in New Jersey"

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Thread: New Jersey State Song

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    Thumbs down no New Jersey state song.

    Hi Jersey Devil, It is hard to understand why New Jersey has no state song. I suppose you are right about the polititians as NJ has the highest taxes in the nation. I am sure it is not alright with the people who live there . They just want to live there so they put up with the high taxes. There has always been talk of lowering the taxes but it will not get done with people like Corzine in office. At any rate there have been many excellent suggestions for a state song and it is hard to believe there is none to date. There is too much else going to make rich politians richer. It is a well known fact and yet nothing is being done about it. But there really needs to be a state song. Marianita

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    I did a search and found a copy of the sheet music to My Garden State--this is different from the one I remember but the music seems the same. The one we used was by Edna Mohr I think--at least I find a lot of references to a song by her at the time, but I am still looking for a copy.
    The below is a link to the song.

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