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Thread: New Jerseyan or New Jerseyite

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    Hi proud new Jerseyite, It sounds like a lot of bull to me. lol. Maybe Cody got the idea from that red bull cola drink. He may be getting bored or something. Marianita

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proud New Jerseyite
    I had never heard of the Red Bulls.I did some research and found out that there is no longer a pro soccer team called the New York/New Jersey Metrostars! They are now the New York Red Bull....or acording to wikipedia RED BULL NEW YORK and they still play in the Meadowlands.
    WAIT A MINUTE I thought there was a "LAW" That Christie Whittman put in place saying that any professional team that plays in NJ from now on has to have New Jersey's name on it!
    What the hell happened ? How is it that there is another pro level team playing under NEW yORK's name at the Meadowlands? I could swear there was a rule put in place , hence the name New York/New Jersey Metrostars.
    Is it the Red Bull energy drink (cafinated crack cola) that bought their way out of that law?
    I bet Dick Cody is responsable, any law is breakable when you are a big money corporation as long as there is a govener who only cares about money, Bear hunts and smoking bans.Cody made it a priority to sign the NY giants and Jets to a one hundred year deal and got it done.
    F Cody, F the New york Red bull , it's bull ****!
    Proud New Jerseyite - Yes again it was one of Codey's great deals. You can read more about it in the New JERSEY MetroStars renamed New YORK Red Bulls 85 million dollars of tax payers money is going to build the stadium for the Red Bulls in Harrison (across the river from Newark).

    The Metrostars by the way - had dropped the "NY/NJ" part of their name for a number of years. Also in the "Spectator Sports" forum, you can read about the Giants deal and the Jets. Like you, once the Nets leave NJ, I will also not be a fan of them. I already have a problem with the Nets because they don't want to be called "New Jersey", but just want to be known as the Nets now.

    [edit] I had also thought that Christie Whitman or Tom Kean had instituted a law that required any team playing in New Jersey take the NJ name - after the Giants and Jets refused. Also, the crack cola company were the ones that bought the team. It's the only professional team that is itself an advertisement for a product. I refuse to have anything to do with Red Bull drinks.

    BTW Marianita- Welcome back. I was wondering where you had gone off to. Nice to see the proud "New Jerseyan" Californian.
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    Thankyou Jersey Devil. I have been working like mad to save money for my next trip to New Jersey. I am planning to go in May. I have missed you too. I stay busy working to stash $$ for Cherry Hill Mall and important things like that. Last year Strawbridges was closed for remodeling while I was there. lol By the way the New Jersey citizen is 4 months old and getting big. He looks like his daddy,''Jersey Rich.'' lol. Take care. Marianita

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    Default I like New Jerseyan!

    Actually, when I was growing up in New Jersey in the 1950s and 60s, most people did use the term Jerseyite. I never particularly liked the sound of it, but I didn't know of an alternative.

    I first encountered the term New Jerseyan in New Jersey Monthly magazine in the 1970s and liked that term much better. I don't know if NJM's exclusive use of it popularized it, but Jerseyan now seems to predominate over Jerseyite.

    A couple of other states use the -ite ending for natives of their states, including Wisconsinite and New Hampshirite.

    I always associate -ite with Brooklyn, so if I hear Jerseyite I think of an urban transplant from New York, whereas New Jerseyan to me sounds like a preppy resident of one of New Jersey's suburbs. (Suburbanite? Good grief!)

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    Hi Jersey Warren. How have you been? I was not aware that the term Jerseyite was previously used. I think of myself as a New Jerseyan as it has a softer sound to it. Anything ending in ''ite'' has a grating kind of sound but whatever people are comfortable with. The term ''New Jerseyan'' could very well have come from New Jersey Monthly as it is a widely read magazine. I thorougly enjoy every issue of that magazine. You are right about Brooklynite. LOL. That sounds ghastly. Marianita

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