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Thread: Jug Handles & Circles

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    Hi Mithrandir, Thankyou for your reply. I will indeed make it a point to ride on the ferry. By the way, since I was born and raised in Marlyland the east coast was not unfamiliar to me. However I like NJ far better then Maryland for some reason. Lots of memories returned when I went to NJ the first time. I am not sure why my brother ran off to NJ. I am thinking that he and his friend ended up there and did not know what to do next. lol. It has been a long time ago. I ended up in California through circumstances, no fault of my own and had a terrible time adjusting. But I am fine here now. People say they know I am not from here. lol. I found NJ to be enchanting. I felt like I was dreaming whe we went to Medford one day. Now that's some place. My son was born in Southern Calif and the change was drastic to say the least. They have been there too years and have made a wonderful adjustment. Infact, he earned the nick name,''Jersey Rich,'' due to his adjustment and a job that has surpassed his wildest dreams. They are now ready to purchase a home after 2 years of leasing there. As far as jug handles go, I am someone who can adjust to any driving situation. I had lived in LA for a while and there were those freeways. lol. I live in Central Calif now and drive in the mostdense fog you can imagine every year. I also read that NJ was getting more circles. I think they are kind of neat because you can go in different directions. The one we have here is not that packed with vehicles but very convenient for diverting traffic. What more can I say about NJ? I love it and I love the scenery and everything from Cape May to Dunkin Donuts. Take care. Marianita PS. How cool to be a ''recent resident'' now. lol
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    Default The logic of jughandles

    Actually, there is nothing confusing or odd about jughandles if you think about it.

    Suppose you are on an interstate or other divided highway and want to turn left at the next exit. What do you do, in most cases? You exit on the right, go down a ramp, then turn left under the highway.

    The only difference between that and a jughandle is that the jughandle is entirely at grade level, and there is no overpass/underpass.

    We didn't have jughandles in Northern New Jersey (Bergen County) where I grew up. After my family moved to Toms River, my father gave me directions over the phone and when he mentioned a jughandle I didn't know what he was talking about. But, once I saw it, it made perfect sense.

    Now circles were another matter. We did have circles near us, the most famous one being the Little Ferry circle. There is a well-known diner there.

    I have seen circles in just a few states, other than New Jersey. They have them in Masssachusetts, but call them "rotarys." New Hampshire also has them, but calls them circles. There was a well-known circle on Route 1 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where there was a Howard Johnson's. (For some reason, they loved to put HoJo's and diners at traffic circles.)

    I have also seen circles in (of all places) Louisiana. And from what I've read, they have them in England, where they call them "roundabouts." Because they drive on the left in England, people travel around "roundabouts" clockwise, rather than counter-clockwise, like us.

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    Default jug handles and circles

    Hi Jersey Warren, Now that you said that jug handles are much like exiting to the freeway off to the right, it makes perfect sense. The only thing is that if the jug handle merges in with traffic it sure pays to be careful. lol. There is one in Marlton that does that. As for the circles they are fine if you are not stuck in the middle. The circle in Marlton is packed with vehicles and there is a diner there too like you said. Maybe the diners give people a much needed break after a hard day of work.At any rate they serve a useful purpose as New Jersey has a lot of traffic to move and in different directions. We do have a circle here , probably more then one and it is really neat because you can circle around to businesses or the park or just turn completely or go straight. You can also go down a street leading to stores. It is not real busy except on Friday nights or when people are coming home from work. Actually it is not near me but in the nearest big city. I live in a small town and we have no need of a circle, not yet anyway. lol. Marianita

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