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Thread: NJ Adult Basketball Players Wanted

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    Default NJ Adult Basketball Players Wanted

    Adult basketball players and teams wanted for the Amateur Basketball Assoc. of NJ

    For details & fees please view or email

    There will be a 12 game season that opens Sunday Dec 11th, 2005. 5 on 5 basketball. Jerseys with #'s provided. Accidental medical insurance included. Only limited spots available. Games are played on Sundays at a facility in Clifton that will include a locker room with showers as well as a scoreboard.

    The fee will include:

    -2 game basketballs
    -12 uniform jerseys per team
    -Facility insurance
    -Accidental medical insurance (up to 100k per player)
    -All court fees and costs
    -All scoreboard, locker room & shower facilities
    -Championship game referee & scorekeeper fees
    -Jackets for the champions

    **(referee & scorekeeper fees are not included and must be paid at time of game..approx $60 per team)

    If you are interested in having your own team or just playing as a player please email Larry @ ASAP. There is only limited space available as the league will max out at 12 teams.

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    Default Mens 3 on 3 Tourney

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    How are they to begin to shake!!! Baszom a Kristusmarjat!

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