View Full Version : Bill Spadea - candidate for Representative of 12th District

08-07-2004, 05:38 PM
I have e-mailed Bill Spadea to see what he plans for NJ if he is elected. One of the key things I look for in a government official from New Jersey is how much they will do FOR New Jersey. our national representatives are supposed to be representing the interests of New Jerseyans, not New Yorkers, not Californians. After being involved in several organizations which require press conferences and communication with Rush Holt - my feeling is that he isn't living up the standard. My feeling is that Rush Holt is much more interested in National Issues and will fight for things he believes in for California or New York, or Colorado - but will not fight for things which are best for New Jersey.

Bill Spadea has offered to meet and I have accepted. I hope to see what his plans are for New Jersey. I had told him I was interested in his stands on issues which affect New Jersey, instead of his ideas regarding the everyday national issues.

I wil be posting my thoughts on Bill Spadea here. If you are interested you ca look at his website... BillSpadea.com (http://www.billspadea.com)