View Full Version : 7th annual N.J. lighthouse challenge

10-15-2006, 09:26 PM
The 7th annual N.J. lighthouse challenge was this weekend and it was hosted by the N.J. lighthouse society. It included all the N.J. lighthouses with extended visiting hours and a prize if you visited each lighthouse through the weekend. My wife, son, and I only stopped at Barnegat lighthouse because we have been to all the others along the shore and with the birth of my son 1 month ago travel at this time is a little difficult. We still have to get to the ones on the Delaware Bay side of the state but that will come another time. What we found interesting was The Statue of Liberty was listed on the challenge sign at the N.J. society display table. Included on the display table was a map of N.J. and a small statue of each lighthouse put on the spot where it is located in N.J., including Lady Liberty.I hope they had these tables at all the lighthouses including The Statue of Liberty! I came home and went on the N.J. lighthose society website and they list The Statue of Liberty as a N.J. lighthouse. It is nice to see someone get this right. Yes people, The Statue of Liberty IS IN N.J.! These lighthouses are great to visit and well worth supporting and they all have a great history. My wife and I hope to do the challenge in the next couple of years.