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06-28-2004, 08:28 PM
Discussion about the Lakewood Blueclaws baseball team.

06-09-2006, 12:27 AM
Well no one has yet started the discussion on the Lakewood BlueClaws. I went to two games this week. We will be covering this season and have a write-up about them shortly. The great thing about the BlueClaws is really their family atmosphere. Unlike other minor league teams - and especially pro-teams, the Lakewood BlueClaws is all about the family.

For one thing, their stadium is geared toward families, from the picnc areas, to the arcade room, to the inflateable rides for the younger crowd. If you haven't been to a BlueClaws game - I highly recommend it. Between innings they have various contests, such as rolling in the dough, where someone wears a suit with velcro attached, rolls around play money and tries to get as much to stick to them as possible. They have sack races, and more. It's just a fun time.

As I told Stacey, one of AboutNewJersey.com's interns, tonight, pro sports is all about business, minor league is all about the family. I'd rather have a fun relaxing evening with family and friends, instead of spending a ton of money on a pro-game.

06-12-2006, 06:40 PM
Hi JD...It sounds like a great time. Wish I lived closer. A musician friend of mine is in a band that's playing at the stadium this Saturday...Boothill Express. I think they're playing before the game. If you go and happen to meet the band, tell Scott that Debbie from SunDog says hi :)


06-16-2006, 12:55 AM
Hi JD...It sounds like a great time. Wish I lived closer. A musician friend of mine is in a band that's playing at the stadium this Saturday...Boothill Express. I think they're playing before the game. If you go and happen to meet the band, tell Scott that Debbie from SunDog says hi :)

I'm nost likely going to be going tomorrow - Friday. :( I would have liked to have seen then.

For those interested - check out the Lakewood BlueClaws (http://www.aboutnewjersey.com/sports/professional/baseball/lakewoodBlueclaws.php) attraction page.

06-16-2006, 09:19 AM
Hi JD...I'll let you know if they get another show gig there. They're an excellent band. Hope you have a good time at the game tonight!


06-22-2006, 11:53 PM
Debbie -

I wanted to let you know that I went to that game and said hi to Scott real quick. Not sure if he told you. :) The band was really good.

06-23-2006, 10:25 PM
Hey JD...I'm glad you liked the band...they're a great bunch of guys.

09-03-2006, 11:57 PM
Well my father is out here from Indiana and I just got back from the Lakewood BlueClaws game. It was a double header because of the rain this past couple of days. I can't believe they lost both games though. Out of the many games (around 15 - 20, I've seen this season, they only lost about 4 that I saw. These games didn't matter though because they're in the playoffs. Their first playoff game is this Wednesday (Sept 6). Then they're off to Augusta. They have to win against Augusta and stay in the playoffs for them to come back and continue to have some homegames. It'll be an exciting time if they do really well int he playoffs.

The BlueClaws are a great team and it's a great staudium with awesome fans. The place is always really exciting there - yes even when they lose, it's a fun time.

Hmm - now that they're in the playoffs I think I'll chnage my avatar to the BlueClaws logo. :D Yes - I switch my avatar a lot!

09-16-2006, 09:54 PM
Congratulations Lakewood BlueClaws!!!

2006 Champs

Matt Maloney the King Crab as he strikes out a career high 12 batters

The BlueClaws sent their all-time leader in wins, Matt Maloney to the hill Friday night. Maloney led the South Atlantic League with 16 wins and 180 strikeouts while his 2.03 ERA was second best. The southpaw was also coming off a performance against the Lexington Legends in the final game of the Northern Division Championship Series where he struck out a career high 11 batters and walked nobody.

A leadoff single by Augusta’s Johany Abreu in the top of the first did not deter Maloney from having a grea-
t start to the ballgame. Abreu was doubled off and Eugenio Velez struck out to end the inning. Velez was also the first hitter in a string of five straight that Maloney sat down on strikes.

A two run cushion provided by the Lakewood offense gave Maloney a little room to work with. The pair of runs for the BlueClaws came in the bottom of the first inning. Avelino Asprilla took first base on a walk and swiped second base to move into scoring position. Mike Spidale, the S.A.L. Batting Title winner, had only one hit through the first three games in this series but his double down the right field line brought home the game’s first run. Jeremy Slayden brought home Spidale with a base hit to right field and gave Lakewood a 2-0 lead.

The GreenJackets had some opportunities slip away in the early innings. Augusta left runners in scoring position in the third, fourth and fifth innings as Maloney kept them off the scoreboard.

The BlueClaws started a two out rally in the fifth inning with Asprilla reaching on a fielder’s choice. Spidale singled for the third time in the game and Asprilla moved from corner to corner. Slayden ripped a ground ball past Pablo Sandoval at first base and into right field. Asprilla trotted home to move the BlueClaws ahead by three runs. Slayden’s hit also prompted Augusta’s manager, Roberto Kelly, to make a pitching change and bring in Bryan Millikan. The first pitch Clay Harris saw from Millikan was roped back up the middle and Spidale scored. Millikan who had only one wild pitch during the regular season, threw two in a row which brought Slayden around from second base to give the BlueClaws a 5-0 lead.

After the fifth inning, the ballgame belonged to the BlueClaws and Maloney. Maloney reached double digit strikeouts for the second consecutive playoff game. Mike Mooney was the tenth strikeout victim to Maloney in the eighth inning for the second out with two outs in the inning and runners at the corners.

Maloney came back out in the ninth inning looking for a complete game shutout and the BlueClaws’ responded with a full 90 second standing ovation while Maloney threw his warm up pitches on the mound. The crowd was not quieted when David Maroul led off the inning with a double to left field. Maloney came right back and struck out Barry Gunther and Ben Copeland to set a new career high with 12 strikeouts. The final out of the 2006 season was recorded when Pablo Sandoval popped out to Matt Thayer in right field.

The 5-0 win was the BlueClaws 20th shutout of the year and Maloney threw Lakewood’s first nine inning complete game shutout of the season. The BlueClaws have won their first South Atlantic League Championship since the team originated in 2001.

It was a fun season. I look forward to seeing them play more next year.

04-05-2007, 09:59 PM
Well this year I managed to go to opening game. Let me tell you - it was FREEZING.:cold: They did raise their Championship Banner. Has anyone else gone to see the BlueClaws? BTW - the team is entirely new this year. Sort of sucks because they were losing 11-1 6th innning. First inning - Greensboro scored 9 runs and it took a half for the BlueClaws to even get up to bat.

Anyway - hopefully this will just be a bad start - but a good finish. :)

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06-28-2007, 09:43 AM
I must take the 2 boys and the little woman soon!:wave: