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Jersey Warren
09-22-2006, 04:01 PM
Hi everyone,

I should have posted this sooner but I had a hectic week closing a monthly publication and was up until 12:30 am Thursday morning. Someday I'd like a vacation I don't have to knock myself out preparing for!

We're flying to Newark but heading immediately to New England to visit friends and relatives there all week. We'll return to NJ October 2nd, spend a couple of days visiting my family in Ocean County, then head up to Bergen County for my high school reunion in Ramsey on Oct. 6th and 7th. We fly home from Newark on Sunday, the 8th.

I'm delivering a speech in Denville on Wednesday night, Oct. 4, for local members of The John Birch Society. It will be at the Community Church of the Nazarene on Cooper Road at 7 pm.

I would have liked to get together with you JD, but we have only two days to see my Mom and 3 brothers and it will be very hectic. We'll be staying in Forked River for 2 nights.

I'll have lots to report when I get home, as this will be my first visit back to NJ in at least 3 years.

10-11-2006, 08:13 PM
Well Jersey Warren - I was wondering how your trip was. I'm also sorry we weren't able to get together - but it's understandable. I hope you had a good time and got your New Jersey fix. :)

Jersey Warren
10-12-2006, 05:59 PM
Hi Jersey Devil,

We had two fun but hectic weeks. After landing in Newark we rented a car and went to our first stop, Waterbury, Connecticut. (Chosen because it was a couple of hours' drive in the direction we were headed.) We stopped for a bite to eat at the Parkway rest area in Montvale, which has declined considerably since I lived near there in the 60s. Granted, it was almost nine o'clock, but all of the food had been sitting for hours. Sbarro's had a pitiful selection left and they didn't offer to make anything fresh, so we went to BK and had almost cold hamburgers that had been sitting so long they were dried out. Few of the employees spoke understandable English and all appeared to come from Africa. (Whatever happened to the American wives and teenagers that staffed such places when I lived there?) The people at Dunkin Donuts gave us a vanilla custard filled donut instead of the lemon my wife wanted. All in all, not a good reflection on New Jersey for those making this first stop on the Parkway.

On to Portsmouth, NH to visit Martha's relatives. Then to Manchester, NH and Lewiston, ME. These were mostly family social visits but we did take in some good sight-seeing and I got my obligatory New England fried clams.

We worked our way southwestward and stayed at a motel in Westminister, Mass., not far from a house I once owned. My former next-door neighbor introduced us to the current owner so I could revisist my old home. Then breakfast with old friends and onward to the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusettes with a night in a motel in Great Barrington.

All other nights were at relatives or friends. We stayed in Forked River two nights with my youngest brother, who has a magnificent home. We spent most of our days visiting my Mom in an assisted living facility in Toms River. We did run down to the Seaside boardwalk for lunch one day to sample Marucca's pizza. I had mixed feelings about it. The crust was the best I've had in years, better than 3 Brothers. (My wife didn't care for it because it was charred but that's the way a true It alian pizza should be.) Since I place a premium on a good crust, the pizza got high marks from me on that account. But the topping was disappointing to me. I got a plain cheese, the best way to judge pizza, and the cheese was very skimpy and didn't taste like mozzarella. It had a cheddar-like taste to it. If you could put 3 Brothers toppings on a Marucca's crust you'd probably have the world's best pizza. There is a place near us in Florida owned by Italians that puts slices (not shreds) of mozzarella on its pizzas, melting into PUDDLES of cheese, the way I remember it in pizzarias 40-45 years ago. But their crust is not as good as Marucca's.

On to Morristown where I delivered a speech (in Denville) that went over big. We were invited to a home in Morristown situated on five acres of land. The hosts were warm and offered us wine and cheese that evening and cooked us a terrific breakfast the next morning.

On the way to Bergen County the next day we stopped in a diner for lunch and I had my Taylor ham on a hardroll. We can buy it at home but it was just a thrill to be able to order it at a New Jersey diner. The waitress did not disappoint me and asked if we wanted "CAW-fee"! :D

My old friend in Upper Saddle River (Diane) was gracious and showed us graduation picture from our eighth grade graduation in 1962! We met my brother in Newark for lunch that day. He works for NJIT. He took us to lunch at a Portugese restaurant in the Ironbound section. Very good, and different.

On to Franklin Lakes and my old friend Mike Manna's. He's a lawyer and has a huge house. We went to the tailgate party at Don Bosco in Ramsey and DB beat Montclair 68-0! Since there was no doubt our old school would win, we mostly ignored the game and chatting with classmates I hadn't seen in 40 years and their wives I'd never met at all.

The following evening was our reunion dinner in Hillsdale. Again, it was great talking to eveyone again.

Sunday morning we brought the rental car back to Newark and we had put 1900 miles on it. Good thing we flew from Florida! The TSA confiscated our tube of Crest because it was more than 3 oz. and therefore a potential explosive!

We flew to Atlanta, then Florida where friends picked us up.

All in all it was a great trip, but next time, we really need a VACATION. Maybe a week on a beach somewhere.

By the way, I can see what you mean by the souvenir shops at Newark airport. What's up with all the New YORK stuff?!