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09-09-2006, 10:38 PM
I wanted to start this thead so people can discuss their thoughts and memories of 9/11. What were you doing when you had found out, has you ever been to the Twin Towers, etc.

I was at the Twin Towers numerous times. Actually I had been there only a month before the attacks showing people from Indiana around. I took them to the Twin Towers and I had told them, as we stood outside looking up and preparing to go into them, that in order to bring those buildings down terrorists would have to fly planes into them. Everytime I went to them I thought of the 1993 attacks. It's eerie to think of what I said to my friends one month before planes actually did fly into the towers.

I loved the Twin Towers. Whenever driving on the Turnpike or taking the train - I always needed to see the towers. To me - while living in Oregon - Mt Hood was my favorite natural wonder, while the Twin Towers were my favorite man-made wonder. In Oregon I would always point out where Mt Hood was to visitors as we drove ( look there's MT Hood, look there's My Hood again, etc :) ), while in NJ or NY - I would always point out where the Twin Towers were. I would walk all through Lower Manhattan to see all the different views of the tower.

My last moments with the Twin Towers was leaning against the corner of the south tower in the plaza as my friends were looking at souvenirs at the vendor stands. I remember them coming back to me and apologizing - and I had told them that it was fine - I was just standing there with "my towers". That's the way I viewed them. I had been to the Sears Tower. I had actually worked across the street from the Sears Tower - but I never cared for the Sears Tower. For one thing - the observation deck wasn't as high as the observation deck of the Twin Towers. I see no sense in building the tallest bulding in the world (which it was when it opened) if the observation deck isn't at the very top. I loved going on the roof of the south Tower of the Twin Towers. The one time I was there with my brother and a friend and we started to go up to the roof and people were yelling down that the roof was closed, but the escalator was still going up. If the roof was closed - they a sign up saying that it was closed and the escalator didnt work. So I said - come on - they're wrong. Well we got up there and we see lightning over midtown. Even though the sun was shining to the south - to the north there were HUGE storm clouds - moving FAST toward us. We ran around the cat walk to the down escalator as fast as we could as the rain started to pour down. We waited for an hour up at the observation deck while the storm passed.

I took my cousins to the Twin Towers in 1999 and I still have my 2000 Millenium Pin sets that I purchased at the Twin Towers gift shop. I collect pins. It's sort of funny - I was up in the Twin Towers so much, that I never really bought any Twin Towers souvenirs. I used to look around, but never bought anything.

I personally think they should rebuild the towers as they were. If they were any other building - they would get rebuilt. I think it's a real cop-out not to rebuild them and it will be a constant reminder to all our enemies that they succeeded in bringing America to its knees - even briefly. I would suggest reserving the floors that the planes hit as memorial and museum space.

Anyway, I have so many memories of the Twin Towers - some of which you can see on my Twin Towers memorial site (http://www.AboutTwinTowers.info). Although I have a love/hate relationship with NY, I did love those buildings and seeing them rise out of lower Manhattan. I think one thing I loved about them so much was that - unlike the Sears Tower or the Emprie State Building - you could look straight up them along their outside wall for the full length. It was an incredible sight. I remember looking straight down from the observation deck and the people looking like ants, the cars looking like match box cars. I remember the gentle sway of the building standing on the observation deck. It felt like walking on a cloud.

When I used to take visitors to NY - I took them to the top of the Twin Towers during the day so they could see the surrounding area during the daylight and then at night I would take them to the Empire State Building so they could see the city lit up at night. Seeing the Twin Towers in the distance all lit up at night was just so incredible. Now - it's a sight that no one will ever see again except in photos.

I was sleeping with the TV on - which I often did - and woke up to the planes crashing into the buildings. At first I thought it was a sci-fi movie on - but then I remembered, I had ABC on. It shoudl be having talk shows - not a movie on. I was sitting there dumbfounded, wondering what was going on - thinking that it couldn't be real. It was all too real though. During the course of the day I had people calling to see if I was okay - which I found odd. I asked my one friend from Canada - Trish - who had gone to the Twin Towers with me many times why she was asking me if I was okay. She said that she was concerned that I decided to go into NY that day and was at the Twin Towers. So many people thought that I may have been at the Twin Towers. But then again - I guess it may not have been that odd to think, I was only there a month before. Trish had gone to Times Square with me for the 2000 New Years celebration. We were right in the middle of Times Square. I remember people saying to both of us - what happens if there is a bombing or something. My answer was that it would be over quickly.

When we went into NY for New Years, the initial plan was for us to go to lower Manhattan and go up to the Twin Towers. On the train I asked Trish if she would be willing to forgo going to the Twin Towers this time and just head over to Times Square so we could make sure we get a good spot. She said she was thinking the same thing, since she had been to the Twin Towers so many times before with me and the Millenium celebration would be a once in a lifetime experience. I often think that she never got to see them one last time. I thought we would get to see them numerous times more together. I don't regret going to Times Square though - we had an awesome spot - we got there at 11:00am and didn't move from our spot. Yes - we stood there - without food, water or going to the bathroom - for 13 hours - but it was well worth it. :)

Anyway, I have fond memories of the Twin Towers, I still remember their smell, the feel of the elevator as it took you up to the top, I remember the virtual helicopter ride they had, the gift shop, the muffled sound of all the visitors as they gazed out the floor to ceiling windows at the observation deck. I will never forget the feel of the towers, I am just sorry that I will never again be able to show anyone those buildings again. Now I can only try to explain to people how high they truly were.

Twin Towers as seen from the entrance of Liberty State Park in Jersey City. Thsi picture was taken one month before the attacks.

The Twin Towers from LIberty State Park in Jersey City and the Liberty/Ellis Island Ferry

View of the Twin Towers from Liberty State Park in Jersey City

Looking down on the World Financial Center from the observation deck.

My cousins and I on the roof of the Twin Towers in 1999.

View of the Twin Towers from the NJ Transit train on the Northeast Corridor Line - it's a view over the Meadowlands Wildlife area.

Look up the Twin Towers from the plaza. The Sphere is in the foreground.

The Twin Towers rising above lower Manhattan (taken from Battery park area).

12-28-2007, 08:52 PM
I personally think they should rebuild the towers as they were. If they were any other building - they would get rebuilt. I think it's a real cop-out not to rebuild them and it will be a constant reminder to all our enemies that they succeeded in bringing America to its knees - even briefly. I would suggest reserving the floors that the planes hit as memorial and museum space.I agree, they should totally get rebuilt! I've always said that. What better way to send a big up yours to terrorists? But seriously, it could incorporate a lovely memorial. The one that already exists at ground zero could be moved into the new building. Even though the floors that were hit would be appropriate, I think the lobby would be a good place too. I think the memorial should be in a prominent place. It would just be so fitting to rebuild the Two Towers.

JD, I really like your photos! Did you take them all? :)