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04-11-2010, 08:12 PM

Invitation to all NY Rangers Fans
From the New Jersey Devils Fans

We can only imagine what it must be like to routinely be rooting for a losing team. We are therefore extending this hand of friendship to you.

We are not heartless. We feel for you. You spend your hard earned money on New York Rangers merchandise, spend a fortune going to their games, only to have them always come up short. We can only imagine what that must be like. It breaks our heart, really it does.

What is it now? Only two Stanley Cups in your entire history? We guess that comes out to ONE Stanley Cup win every 20 years? But whose
counting. That must be very hard on you, the Devils brought home the Stanley Cup, in '95, 2000 and 2003.

But it is not too late for you. You might as well cut your losses now. Invest in a winning team. Go ahead, you can do it. Throw out your New York Rangers stuff and root for a winning team for a change, one that has been in the playoffs 12 years in a row. We know how hard this can be. well let's be honest here, we really don't know what it must be like to cheer on such
a lousy team day in and day out.

Also, if it's the NY thing and you think NJ is beneath you and somehow NY is superior, we have the 3 Stanley Cups to debunk that myth. Let's face it, you've been taken in by the NY media hype. We believe there is a support group for people who have been brainwashed into thinking that New York is the center of the universe.

So on behalf of the New Jersey Devils fan, we invite you to cheer on a team who can actually deliver the goods. We won't hold it against you that at one time you wore a blue jersey. You can always use them as a wash rag, or even use them to clean up after your dog. Together we can come up with many uses for your discarded Rangers jerseys so your money wasn't a complete waste. We can't do much for the wasted years though.

We hope you will join us.

Sincerely -

The New Jersey Devils Fans

PS - almost forgot to give you the place where we gather...

Prudential Center
165 Mulberry St
Newark NJ 07102

In case you didn't hear, Prudential Center is a state of the art facility located in downtown Newark. It has a number of bars, including the Fire and Ice Lounges and even a restaurant. Don't worry, unlike at MSG, the bars aren't for crying in your drink or to make the pain go away after a devastating loss, it's for the numerous celebrations we have after every Devils win. We know that would be a change of pace for you.

New Jersey Devils Website (http://www.newjerseydevils.com)
Prudential Center Website (http://www.prucenter.com)

04-18-2010, 03:21 PM
The rangers have a blue jersey to represent how they always feel about playing for such a lousy organization. You know blue is the color for depression. It's no wonder they are depressed, they can't make the playoffs more then 3 years in a row and have only 4 cups in their long and (cough, cough) glorious history. If it wasn't for the media selling koolaid to the idiot's who support them they would have no fans! Well ranger fans, look at it this way, at this pace, if your not a parent yet, maybe your grandchildren will be alive to witness the rangers win a cup. But on the other hand hopefully your grandchildren will be smarter then your dumbass and be the fan of a winning organization known as THE NEW JERSEY DEVILS.