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03-05-2004, 08:58 PM
General Policies
All views expressed on the messageboard are solely those of the poster. In no way does a post, by an admin, moderator or user, reflect the views of AboutNewJersey.com. We do not accept any liability for anyone's post or comments. We do reserve the right to change or delete anyone's comments that we feel are inappropriate. Your participation grants us immunity from all litigation for comments made by others, which you deem to be damaging, misleading or in any way deflamatory.

We will not disclose your private information to third parties nor use it for promotional purposes. When you register - the only thing we ask for is an e-mail and screen name. The e-mail is only for use with this forum and the AboutNewJersey.com website. It will not be sold or used to generate spam. We are however, not responsible for someone gaining unauthorized access to our database and your acceptance of this grants us immunity from all prosecution in the event that this occurs.

It is expected that everyone here and their views will be treated with respect. This means NO flaming, deragatory comments toward other members, cursing, sexual innuendo, etc. will be allowed. It is possible to disagree with someone without resorting to name calling. We will edit posts which we feel violate this policy. This does NOT mean that you can not point out things wrong with a tourist site, restaurant, etc, as long as it is in the form of a constructive review and you back up your statements. Saying "such and such sucks" is NOT a review.

If you have a problem with another member, please bring it to the attention of an admin or mod. Please do not resort to fighting it out on the forums.

Spamming is defined as repeatedly posting the same message across multiple forums, creating non-sense threads or posts, going off-topic in a thread, and anything else management feels is detrimental to the online community. Based on the severity and the number of offenses, various actions may be utilized by the mods to prevent spamming and abuses.

Threads posted for the sole purpose of advertising will NOT be allowed. Based on management discretion they will be deleted without warning. If you wish to advertise - contact advertising@AboutNewJersey.com.

This site is moderated. Do NOT argue with a moderators decision on open forum. If you have a problem with a decision, discuss it with them through PM. If you can not resolve it, go to an admin or another staff member. There is no guarantee that your issue will be resolved the way you want, but we will listen to you and make a fair decision.

Do not ask to be a moderator. We will choose moderators based on their posts, their helping others, their length of time here and the decision that we have a need for additional moderators. The best way to become a moderator is by posting intelligent posts, helping others and showing an interest in the board and in particular New Jersey. To put it another way - prove that you deserve to be moderator and an asset to the board - and we may approach you.

External Sites, Graphics, Smilies
We will not accept any links to sexually explicit sites, smilies, avatars or any other kind of graphic we feel is inappropriate for this site. They will be deleted on the spot - no questions asked.

This is a PG13 board. It is meant to be usuable for ALL age groups, we expect all users to adhere to this rating.

AboutNewJersey.com reserves the right to change these rules at any moment. The changes will be posted in the announcement thread and highlighted. It is YOUR responsibility to read them.

Thank you -