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08-06-2006, 03:45 PM
What do you think about current event in the Near East?
How long will this conflict be lasting? Are you for or against Israel's position?

08-06-2006, 05:17 PM
Even though this is an obvious spammer going by their e-mail address, I decided to keep the tread active. I would like to point out this is NOT a Lebanon/Israel conflict - but a HEZBOLLAH/Israeli conflict. Also, I would like to ask - why is it for or against Israelis position? What about Hezbollah - since they were the ones who instigated this and continue to. Sorry, I do not feel sorry for this terrorist group and the best thing that can happen is that they are destroyed.

Jersey Warren
08-07-2006, 02:39 PM
While the conflict was certainly instigated by Hezbollah, which is a terrorist organization, and Israel certainly has the right to defend its people and territory, I also believe the Israeli response has been excessive and irresponsible. Let me use an example to illustrate why:

Suppose a group of terrorists invaded a shopping mall and fired shots at a couple of policemen. Suppose then, that the police sent in a SWAT team that stormed the mall and started shooting up everything in sight, killing shoppers who had no connection to the terrorists, including men, women, and children. Suppose that in order to cut off the terrorists from escape, they started blowing up the GAP, LensCrafters, Banana Republic, Sbarro's pizza, and the Limited. And, with innocent shoppers bleeding, suppose the police blocked all the exits to the mall and refused to allow the paramedics to gain entry to treat the wounded. Suppose they also cut off all deliveries of food to the food court, and after being trapped for days, the shoppers had nothing to eat.

Well the mall is Lebanon, the terrorists are Hezbollah, the police are the Israelis, and the shoppers are the vast majority of Lebanese who have neither sympathy for Hezbollah, nor any involvement with them. As such, I believe the Israeli response is indiscriminate and irresponsible.

The people in the Middle East I am most concerned about at this point are the Lebanese Maronite and Melchite Christians, and the Palestinian Arab Christians, who are caught between two opposing forces. Lebanon was at one time 50% Christian but many have left the country because of years of turmoil. It is still about 40% Christian, however. But no one seems to care what happens to this important minority in the Middle East. Too bad Danny Thomas (who was of Lebanese Maronite descent) isn't still alive. I would love to have heard what he would have said about this situation.