View Full Version : Safe Surfing Tips

09-15-2009, 07:12 AM
Handy hints to ensure happy times online for all members of the family.

1. Take the trip together. Make time to see what your children are doing online.

2. Teach your children never to give personal details to people they meet online, especially in public places such as chatrooms and bulletin boards.

3. Instruct your child never to plan a face-to-face meeting alone with an online acquaintance, regardless of how old they say they are.

4. Tell your child not to respond to offensive e-mail, chat or other communications. Make sure they tell you if they encounter such communication so that you can report it to the site operator.

5. Establish clear rules for Internet use for children and make sure they follow them.

6. When you are home, limit your children’s non-educational surfing time by placing your computer in the family room or another open area.