View Full Version : MX vs ATV Untamed (Xbox 360)

08-08-2009, 01:22 AM
MX vs ATV Untamed is more or less similar to other games in the MX vs. ATV series. On the market there are many games that are raising the game for those focusing on off-road racing and Untamed could make an effort and make something new. However, the game is still good and it provides moments of adrenaline.

The strong point of the game comes from the large assortment of vehicles that can be chosen. There are the standard motorcycle, ATV's, dune buggy and even monstrous trucks. The laws of physics do not apply in Untamed and vehicles can do things that you've only dreamed of until now. The mode of competition is pretty linear, but with the freestyle mode where the fun reaches the top. The game has many other methods that offer fun, especially the events of the series to which you can participate. The only problem is that the game is frustrating in the landings. In a sense it does not matter what you are perfectly in sync with the movements, your landing is always wrong.

There is support for LAN and online play adds a new dimension with the ability to "tagged" players. The events are open to the best of the game and addition of some new mode definitely improves the game. The trails are challenging and the speed is sovereign. The basic game has not changed much, but this does not detract from the video game.