View Full Version : Zest rule with the R4 DS

08-08-2009, 01:21 AM
It seems that the technology throughout government and has not spared even the gaming industry. Every day there are news related to video games. Are becoming increasingly easy but also effective. In recent years, entertainment has become more hi-tech with the growing demand for exciting computer games. Among the various games are more engaging than the Nintendo R4 that are loved by people of all kinds. But today there is a wide range of devices available for Nintendo DS el'acquirente could be confused at the time of purchase. The most popular is the M3 DS which has acquired great fame in particular for the advanced console.

However, the M3 DS is exactly the same as the R4 DS which was designed and produced by the same company. So the difference between them is the logo and packaging, shown on the main screen. The R4 DS has its own package R4 DS. However, you will notice that once the box is opened, the contents are similar to the M3 DS. Even the accessories have the same color blue and the same case that came with the M3 DS.

Among the games Nintendo games Nintendo R4 does not need batteries to make it work. These games are stored directly in the Micro SD card. Some of R4 games have a lot of space to store and also you can browse photos and read e-books.