View Full Version : Brothers in Arms: Hellís Highway (PC)

07-28-2009, 05:19 AM
The first two Brothers in Arms games filled the gap in World War II shooting games, but with a different kind of game. Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway has the same strengths of the franchise and it is certainly a game you will want to play.

As Sergeant Baker, you your experienced and dedicated platoon through the streets of the Nazi's occupied area. As part of Operation Market-Garden, the allied soldiers in the grim-looking and the war-torn streets gone. In the game runs about you to surprise the German troops comes on and kills. Your platoon is a true angel of death who executes orders without discrimination as to the enemy fire. If the bazooka and tanks later added, this form of guerrilla warfare even more exciting as the limbs and torso of the enemy flying around the ears. The images are very detailed form, which is the whole game a realistic raising. The sounds are unique and give you the feeling that you're in the middle of the battle zone.

There is also a co-opmodus, with up to 20 combatants and many maps to play. As for the single player, the players fighting for various pressure populated and intense. There is enough tension and brotherhood between the war comrades to let you away from this game. The game offers some great battles, even though the story is here and not quite in sync. A good reason to play this game!