View Full Version : Commanders: Attack of the Genos (Xbox 360)

07-28-2009, 04:18 AM
Commanders: Attack of the Genos is a strategy that is influenced by many games from this genre and this game easily with each other are combined. You start the game in an alternate reality of the 20th century, where the Genos, a genetically engineered race of people, at war with the Human Task Force.

You will lead a unit that slowly but surely forward while you oil wells, enemy units, command centers and air bases to attack. You can join the fight and your attack on the full set if you have enough ammunition, or you only deal with verdedingingsstrategieŽn. The battles are not too difficult. On the first levels, you still have quite some work, but after some time you will not fall too hard for this game.

The fight is mostly to fighting between units that are assisted by air artillery. The difficulty really starts to increase as you reach the higher levels of attack. There are two variants co-op mode: one for the game via a LAN connection and another for online support. The online features are better and play better, but every now and then occurs a few technical problems. The voices are fantastic and the dialogues are full of puns, jokes and references to the movie are very entertaining.

The game looks good and runs smoothly gently. There are some technical problems, such as the game camera, which can sometimes irritate. Apart from that, the game is well designed with the AI and the possibility of different endings to the story knitting for only $ 10, - a great deal.