View Full Version : Strong Badís Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner (PC)

07-22-2009, 05:32 AM
Although innovative, this game that complies with the mouse is not played up to expectations by the way the components are brought together. Webcomic Penny Arcade has characters based on Homestar runner and this with little success all-round adventure game made.

It is your mission as Strong Bad Homestar Runner to attack until the snot from his nose, and you can travel happy. The game begins with a musical cycle that is reminiscent of a series of e-mails. During your journey you encounter issues that prevent you familiar, at least for the players that the strip of the website. For others there is little to laugh, because it is not clear what is so funny. The makers had better parts from the original recording to assist newcomers to understand what the deal.

You will travel in the Free Country, USA, where you should always consult your map and you will see again at a useful changes. By using your mouse clicks to get into the game. You meet new people and use things in a way that would be comical, but they rarely cause laughter.

The game is attractive to watch, but loses its charm because it only works for video games the same as the original. There are few funny moments as they occur so they do not appear to be funny. The game is suitable for video and it must also continue.