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07-17-2009, 03:57 AM
Start your pirate career there all alone to go and the most feared pirate on the seven seas to be proof of your faith and take the currency of one of four different navies, the French, English, Spanish or Dutch. Sailing the high seas as a tough, fearsome pirate or a naval officer powerful wills. Explore strange new countries and not yet discovered civilizations, raid and plunder merchant ships, fortified ports and cities. But beware, the dead do not sleep easy and in the dark South American jungles myth and reality are intertwined.

In Age of Pirates 2 - City of Abandoned Ships the player has the choice to one of three available characters to play.

Two of the three characters are almost identical, both in story and performance. Ian and Diego begin their career in a brutal toegetakeld ship and suffering from amnesia. The last character, Mr. Blood, the worst fate of all three characters. He goes to work in England and he is a doctor by some rebel oplapt. Although the rebels lost Blood succeeded at least in a special treatment to get his medical history (the kind of special treatment that ultimately unforeseen opportunities)

The graphics of the game succeed from the outset not to impress. There is absolutely no excuse in technology today for a game that no high resolution as the video game graphics arrive. For those who absolutely addicted to the grand idea of a sailor or pirate, or on the payroll to one of the 4 major powers: Spain, France, England or the Netherlands, this game is very addictive and fun.