View Full Version : A dull attempt: Imperium Romanum (PC)

07-17-2009, 03:56 AM
Give the game a Latin name does not make it better or original. Imperium Romanum is a rehash of the glory of the Roman Empire and it is absolutely tasteless and not very stimulating.

It's not all. The game is such a chaos that continues to nail and it is impossible to play even a single level, without having to reboot the system. The graphics are bad and the screen freezes before the game starts loading. I have lots of bugs and ruin the whole game.

You live the military campaign and relive the different periods of the Roman Empire. The historical performance is inadequate and always tells the same old stories. Are you a builder inspired by Rome and its beauty and architecture. But each building seems just like when seen from afar.

The game is slow and frustrating, not even if you change speeds up the settings. The architecture is original and does not claim to be Roman in style even when it is not absolutely similar to it. Residents complain all the time and because of their anger is sticky to bring fire to buildings and create havoc. Moreover, the creators of the game were to refrain from forming an 'army because he has nothing to do, but requires attention and care.

The game is simple and has far too many technical problems to be distributed before they are made of heavy changes.