View Full Version : Outrun Online Arcade, Xbox 360, PlayStation Network

07-16-2009, 05:33 AM
This game puts you in command of a Ferrari and driving cars really fast. The machines in this game are all Ferrari and the different modes of travel and your girlfriend make things really interesting, while the ranking of the leaders in online command gives a touch of competitiveness to the game.

You can choose to drive any of Ferrari, who have an amazing road holding and thus make it possible to do the elbow bends at a high speed. Then you can just use the brakes to go adrift. The manual transmission makes the race very competitive. If you score high, the game gives a score high on the replay value.

The online mode supports up to 6 players but is excluded from the classification and the tables of the leaders in the multiplayer. Go always first and you will be helped by the turbo to fill the distance between you el'avversario stands before you.

The single player mode is a bit slower compared to that online. The "Time Attack" (run against the clock) and the "OutRun" (a run fast to win the trophy) work well, but the "Heart Attack" (heart attack) - where to compete against your girlfriend for achieve certain goals - is slowing in some areas. Fortunately, the game is not affected much, since this mode is much more competitive than others. Mode "Continuous OutRun" head while the players progress through all 15 races.

Choose how Ferrari racing, this game combines engine turns over and tired of the squeak deviations at high speed and certainly capture your interest if you prefer more realistic racing.