View Full Version : Graduating from any grade below 12th (moved from NC)

06-11-2009, 08:55 AM
I know this is supposed to be fun for the students, but doesn't this take something away from the real graduation at the end of high school?
I was told by other parents that they would take their daughters out of school or just not show up until the awards ceremony so they could get dressed up and have their hair done(the students, not the parents). This just seems a bit much for a FAKE graduation. How does a student benefit from this? The Icing on the cake, for me anyway, is that the last day of school is now sort of a joke. Johnston County Schools last day is Wednesday, but at the end of the awards ceremony today, teachers and administrators told parents and students it was O.K. to leave early because there was nothing else to do.
I feel so old when I here this kind of stuff...