View Full Version : Hannity's Freedom Concert is once again being promoted as New York

06-02-2009, 01:33 PM
Well once again, Hannity's Freedom Concert which is held at Great Adventure is once again being promoted as a New York area event. I therefore had to write the following to him...

Dear Sean -

I once again see I will not be able to watch your show this summer. Once again you relegate New Jersey to just mere suburb status of New York. The other week, I was proud of you - you didn't refer to the Freedom Concert taking place in Jackson NJ as a New York area event. however, once again you are starting to do the same thing you did last year, promote it as the New York venue. If you wanted to have Freedom Concert in New York, then you should have had it there. It's amazing - Great Adventure does not promote itself as a New York theme park, they don't advertise it as "Jackson, NJ/NY". Maybe you are saying that your listeners are not intelligent enough to know that New Jersey is by New York - not in New York mind you, but BY New York. You may want to send them a map if they have a hard time figuring out where New Jersey is.

We have two NFL teams who have NY on their uniforms and having nothing to do with New York. The HUGE Earth Day concerts a couple of years ago were promoted as New York, going so far as advertising the Meadowlands as "Meadowlands NY". It's not wonder NJ has no identity and everyone just thinks of us as a suburb of New York - everything we have gets promoted as a New York event or attraction. You live in New Jersey, but I suppose like so many other New Jerseyans, you don't really care about the state - it just offers easy access to New York.

Thank you and I guess I will see your show again AFTER the promotions for the Freedom Concert end.

- Robert

I call on ALL PROUD New Jerseyans to e-mail him at - hannity@foxnews.com to tel him to STOP promoting this as a New York event.