View Full Version : Southern New Jersey gets Screwed by Comcast - call up and demand the Motorola Box

03-07-2009, 03:02 AM
I just wanted to post how southern New Jersey is getting screwed by Comcast. I moved to Toms River almost three years ago from Plainsboro - both Comcast areas. When I saw the cable system that I had in Toms River, I immediately called up Comcast to complain and ask - why I wasn't able to set reminders, perform advanced searches on shows and numerous other things I took for granted in Plainsboro. The functionality I was missing, is far too much to go into.

Anyway - as I said, I called them. That was in July 2006. I was told that all the systems were being upgraded and i should see the new systems rolling out in November. I had told Comcast that what they had just installed for me in Toms River was two years behind what I had in Plainsboro.

Well needless to say, November 2006 came and went, November 2007 came and went. ---- November 2008 --- came and went. It is now March 2009 and i am frankly fed up. The system that I have here in Toms river, is no longer just 2 years behind what I had in Plainsboro it is now nearly SEVEN years behind Plainsboro.

You see - Toms River and southern New Jersey uses the Scientific Atlanta Explorer boxes, while northern New Jersey, which includes Plainsboro uses the Motorola boxes. The one time I complained - they said the most they could do was take down my complaint and if other people complained, then they might do something about it. I asked - how are people going to complain if they have no idea what they are missing? They had no answer to that - they just repeated - "I will make a note of your complaint"

I am therefore asking all northern New Jersey Comcast subscribers to describe the functionality you get with your digital boxes and I call on all southern New Jersey Comcast subscribers to inundate Comcast with phone calls demanding that the systems get upgraded.

In Plainsboro I had very few problems with service, here I am constantly calling them up. Either the picture is constantly freezing, or the On Demand isn't working, or something is always wrong. Demand that Comcast take care of the problems and demand the Motorola boxes that northern New Jersey has the benefit of having. Believe me - you would be amazed at the funcationality that you are missing. It's like northern New Jersey is on laptops, while southern New Jersey is still on 4 color PC from the 1980's.

What prompted this post is that I can't make Comcast upgrade us, unless everyone else complains, and how can people complain if they don't know they are being treated like second class citizens. Oh - and by the way - for a system that is 7 years behind the times, you are still paying the same amount as the people that have the more advanced system in northern New Jersey.

03-08-2009, 06:25 PM
I now have DirecTV and I'm very happy! I got tired of supporting a Pennsylvania company who simply wants to keep shoving Philadelphia down our throats. Didn't Comcast try to take NJ Devils games off their programming when they first moved into Toms River? Plus, Comcast also cancelled their local programming in favor of more Philly garbage. Sorry, Comcast isn't any friend of NJ and I simply did not want to see more of my money go to building their new HQ's in Philly!:mad: