View Full Version : Which AboutNewJersey.com heading do people like?

01-11-2009, 02:35 PM
Okay, we are currently working on making our marketing all consistent and one of those involves are heading.

I'm still using the "old" header on the forum, but you can see the new header on the main site. (note, I will post the two images here for future reference)

These are samples of our AboutNewJersey.com MySpace (http://www.MySpace.com/aboutnewjersey) "ads" -




The above MySpace ads were all based on our print ads, which all have thre same style. Let me know your thoughts.

Please be aware that the color scheme for AboutNewJersey.com is blue and yellow-buff, which are modeled after the states colors. The colors also evoke the sand and ocean of the Jersey Shore.