View Full Version : In Memorium to my dog - Marc Anthony

01-10-2009, 01:00 AM
I just wanted to post about my dog who died last night. He died from old age and I knew it was coming for the last two months. But two nights ago he got really bad where he couldn't see at all anymore. And yesterday he fell down the stairs twice - I had to put up a barrier. I had called up the vet yesterday to take him into be put to sleep, but i had canceled it. I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Marc is the one sitting up looking at the camera. Zack who died several years ago is laying down. Photo taken in Plainsboro NJ

Marc is standing up at the fence. Zack was always the calmer- more relaxed of the two. I guess that's why everyone liked Zack so much more. Photo taken at my house in Seymour Indiana.

I have never been without a dog - and it's very odd right now. He was a Yorkshire terrier - although not pure bred.

Although he had his issues - like not liking scissors when getting his hair cut (used to turn into Cujo) and growling if you picked him up - even if he asked to be picked up. I think he was abused before I got him. But he was a good dog and never bit (except once when my cousins - who he didn't really know at the time - tried to give him a bath and I wasn't around. He also hated baths.)

I'll miss him coming into the kitchen while I was cooking. He ate anything - I used to feed him carrots, onions, celery -whatever i was chopping up.

The last two days he wouldn't eat though. I tried everything, hot dogs, scrambled eggs, ramen noodle soup. He could no longer eat dry dog food last week and then stopped eating canned, so i figured I'd try some other things I knew he liked.

He died lastnight at the foot of my feet on the couch. I knew he was going to go. I held him last night and he was barely moving, he would yelp and bark in what sounded cries of help or pain and now everything is silent.

It's going to be hard to not have a dog around for the time being. I was on the phone and I saw a dog bisket on the table - so I threw it on the floor. I had to laugh to my friend - I threw it on the floor expecting Marc to be there to eat his cookie and he's no longer around.

I expect him to be laying next to me on the couch, with his head resting on my legs or lap, or just cradling him in my arms as I type this on my laptop, but he's gone and no longer here.

I will miss Marc.

Here is a video of Marc & Zack playing in the snow (http://www.aboutnewjersey.com/misc/video/marc-zack-playing-in-snow.swf), it's from when I lived in Plainsboro - Marc is the larger dog. (It may take a minute before it loads up). Zack was a really great dog too and I still really miss him. It's in Flash, so it should work for everyone.

Marc and Zack both traveled the country with me. Living in Indiana, Portland Oregon and of course New Jersey. They had been to Mt Hood & the Oregon Coast, Los Angeles, Grand Canyon and Meteor Crater, not to mention Island Beach State Park in NJ. However, Marc got to do something that Zack never got to do and that was go to Canada, Six Nation Indian Reserve in Ontario and Niagara Falls. Yes - even though they may not have been able to appreciate it - Marc and Zack went to more places than most people do. They were both excellent in the car, which made it easy to drive across country. Mostly they would lay in the passenger seat and lay their head on my lap.

BTW - Marc Anthony isn't named after the singer like so many people ask me - he was named after this Marc Antony (http://www.answers.com/topic/marc-antony) of Marc Antony and Cleopatra. His nickname was Marco Antonio.

Zack was named Zachary Taylor Jacob - and although my sister named him Zachary Taylor - I always considered him named after this Zachary Taylor (http://www.answers.com/zachary%20taylor) - our 12th president and war hero. I threw in the "Jacob" because I thought it sounded good and would call him that affectionately.