View Full Version : Socially conscious gifts

12-10-2008, 02:40 AM
Hey everyone! I'm a great fan of nature and I've always felt like I had to do something to protect the environment. For example, I separate the garbage, use energy-efficient lamps and I don't use make-up that is tested on animals, not to talk about wearing fur which I absolutely don't understand. How could anyone wear fur, knowing that an animal suffered the most horrific things, only to make you look 'nice'? Anyway, whenever it's someone's birthday, a friend or a family member, even for them I buy socially conscious gifts, (http://www.greenheartshop.org/c-23-gifts.aspx) for example fair trade products. Fair Trade supports sustainable community development by ensuring that the artisans making the products are paid fair living wages. Hopefully by telling you this you will feel motivated to contribute something to the environment! I would really like to know your experiences with living in an environmental friendly way!