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12-08-2008, 02:25 AM
Two weeks a go, a friend of mine went on a 'Språkresor (http://www.blueberrysprak.nu/vuxenspraakresor.asp)' with her school to Australia for a week. She went with around 30 students and some tutors to Sydney and had a specific program that they followed. They tried to visit as much as they could and they even got a cheap 'Sprachkurs (http://www.esl.ch/de/sprachaufenthalt-katalog-bestellen.htm)' English in three mornings. She said that the weather was great, the city is beautiful and so she really wants to go back there.

She not only improved her English, but also made new friends and explored another culture.

Isn't going abroad not a great opportunity for everyone?

I mean, after her exciting story, I really can't wait to work and travel in Australia (http://www.travelworks.co.uk/index.php?id=1259) after I finished my education!